The Intelligence Hour with Kevin Shipp - 07.31.17

July 31st, 2017

On today's edition of The Intelligence Hour Kevin Shipp interviews IQ al-Rassooli, foremost expert on Muhammad, Islam and the Quran. Mr. Rassooli has  been studying and researching the subject for over thirty years. Mr. Shipp and Mr. Rassooli discuss Islam's teachings regarding the US Constitution, Islamic Sharia Law and its teaching on Constitutional democracies, US involvement in Syria and support of the Islamic Free Syrian Army, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's role in removing Muammar Gaddafi from Libya, running guns to Islamic rebels, many of which wound up in the hands of ISIS, the takeover of the Libyan government by the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda, and the complete destabilization of the Middle East.  This is a profound and courageous discussion.

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The Intelligence Hour with Kevin Shipp - 07.24.17

July 24th, 2017

On today's edition of The Intelligence Hour Kevin Shipp interviews Inspector Bill Majcher, former RCMP global money laundering expert. Mr. Shipp and Inspector Majcher discuss the HSBC bank money laundering scandal, the money laundering of millions of dollars from the storehouses of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi after his murder, the funneling of money to a major Saudi Arabian bank, which distributed the funds to al Qaeda, and the connection of the Clinton Foundation and former FBI Director James Comey to HSBC.

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The Intelligence Hour with Kevin Shipp - 07.17.17

July 17th, 2017

On today's broadcast of The Intelligence Hour, host Kevin Shipp interviews former Canadian RCMP Criminal Investigator Sergeant Thomas Juby.  Sergeant Juby is the author of Twice As Far, The True Story of Swiss Air Flight 111 Airplane Crash Investigation. During the interview, Sergeant Juby presents hard evidence that the horrific crash of Swiss Air Flight 111 was caused by a criminal act, involving explosives.  He presents at least four documented incidents of obstruction of justice by his superiors engaged in a cover up of the cause of the crash.  Sergeant Juby presents the expert analysis of two renown scientists, who concluded the cause of the crash was - sabotage.  Both of these expert's conclusions were removed from the crash report.  Sergeant Juby was subsequently targeted by his superiors, his career was ruined and he was blocked from outside employment by someone in a high position in the RCMP.  Sergeant Juby is an example of a true hero and whistleblower, who paid the price for speaking truth to power.

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The Intelligence Hour with Kevin Shipp - 07.10.17

July 10th, 2017

On this edition of The Intelligence Hour, host Kevin Shipp begins his detailed expose' of The Shadow Government and the CIA and NSA's violations of the US Constitution.  This is a dramatic and revealing program that begins Mr. Shipp's documentary of the deep system of power and secrecy that controls the US government, and affects the lives and freedom of every American.
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