The Intelligence Hour with Kevin Shipp - 01.08.18

January 9th, 2018

Does the CIA run drug operations?  That is what we deal with on this issue of The Intelligence Hour.  Host Kevin Shipp interviews former DEA supervisor Hector Berrellez  and author and investigative journalist Dr. Paul Williams - in a startling expose' on the CIA's violation of US and international law, deeply involving itself in global narcotics operations.  Mr. Berrellez provides nothing short of a courageous and historic expose' of the CIA's involvement in narcotics trafficking - and murder.  This information has never been released before by the mainstream news media, because of fear of the CIA, or complicity with it.  Yes, there are still heroes out there, and Hector Berrellez  is one of them. This interview is a stunning revelation.  A former CIA officer, former senior DEA supervisor and renown investigative journalist all come together to prove the criminal actions of the CIA.

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