The Intelligence Hour with Kevin Shipp - 06.04.18

June 4th, 2018

"In this edition of The Intelligence Hour, Guest Host Bill Majcher interviews “Carlos”, a senior law enforcement officer currently battling on the front lines against Mexico’s infamous Cartels.  Carlos takes the audience into the origins of the collusion between Mexican Politicians and the Cartels.  He provides actual first hand knowledge of the extent of the crime problem in Mexico and the growing threat of Islamic terrorism on the US Southern Border, including the steps needing to be taken to counter the "Hybrid Threat of Crime, Terrorism & Insurgency" being waged today in Mexico.  Carlos also provides his unique perspective on the insanity of US politicians advocating for sanctuary cities and open borders across the United States. Be prepared to hear the real truth from a courageous Mexican who is fighting daily to protect the lives of ordinary Mexicans from the corruption and violence that has enslaved his country."

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